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Remarkable New Acne Treatment
Update: Now offering Free Trial*

Have you had it with unsightly blemishes holding you back and killing your confidence? If your answer is yes, we've found a product that may be the answer.

Dermaplex-MD (ranked #1 by us) is an amazing new acne treatment system that cleanses and revitalizes your skin very guickly in 3 simple steps (clean, treat, and tone). Dermaplex-MD has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they're offering a special free trial (just pay shipping and handling).

What we like about this breakthrough product:

We've rated Dermaplex-MD #1 for several reasons. First, users have indicated amazing results with the product where other products have failed. Users have been surprised at how quickly the system works. Second, Dermaplex-MD's satisfaction guarantee and their free trial* offer make giving the product a try extremely simple. If you don't get the results you're looking, simply call the Dermaplex customer service number and cancel the trial.

Dermaplex-MD is gentle and doesn't cause inflammation or redness like other acne treatment products. Dermaplex-MD goes right to the source of the problem (deep within the pores) and attacks with its strong acne-fighting ingredients. The system gets rid of current acne and helps prevent future outbreaks. Learn more about the 3 step system.

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Exposed Skin Care
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Popular, Effective Acne Treatment
Special Offer: $59.95 - 60 day kit

The Exposed acne treatment system is very popular right now and it seems to be gaining favor among skin treatment experts. Exposed is effective because it treats all four causes of acne (see below).

However, after serious deliberation we were compelled to rank Exposed as #2 on our list of effective acne treatments. It was a tough call but we gave the Exposed system a ranking of #2 because it doesn't seem to work as quickly as Dermaplex-MD, in spite of the 30 day guarantee. Also note that Exposed doesn't have a free trial offer (like Dermaplex-MD).

The Exposed system is effective because it treats all four causes of Acne:

  1. Unclogs Pores and Renew Skin
  2. Regulates Oil & Sebum Production
  3. Gets Rid of Acne Causing Bacteria
  4. Calms Redness & Inflammation

Exposed was created by the concerted efforts of cosmetologists, dermatologists, chemists, and naturopaths. The resulting acne treatment solution is a unique system that both treats current acne outbreaks and helps prevent new acne outbreaks from occuring.

For the small percentage of acne sufferers that use Dermaplex-MD and don't get satisfactory results, we recommend the Exposed system. One of these two solutions usually works for most users. Here are the high points of the Exposed system:

  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Very Effective Acne Treatment
  • Reduces Inflammation, Dryness, and Redness
  • Claim Clear Skin in 30 Days - Guaranteed
  • Treats 4 Main Causes of Acne
  • Exposed Contains Natural Ingredients for a Safer Treatment

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ProActiv Acne Treatment
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Very Popular, Acne Treatment
Limited Time Offer: Free Shipping + 2 Free Gifts

If you haven't heard of Proactiv Acne Treatment before now then you must have been living on a different planet. Proactiv is an extremely heavily advertised product. It has become a very popular "first try" for many acne sufferers. It's clear that a lot of Proactiv's success is a result of the endorsements it gets from many celebrities.

Proactiv isn't as effective...

It turns out that in spite of all of the famous faces now associated with this product (Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson and even P. Diddy), Proactiv just isn't as effective as other solutions. Both Dermaplex-MD and the Exposed acne treatment systems are rated higher by consumers and online ratings sites like ours.

Proactiv & Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is the main active ingredient in Proactiv. This is a very popular ingredient in many over-the-counter acne medications. These other treatments are much less expensive than Proactive, begging the question: why spend so much on this type of treatment? Both Dermaplex-MD and Exposed offer many other active ingredients that help keep the skin fresh and toned while still fighting the causes of acne.

Here are some things to know about Proactiv:

  • The Proactiv site has tons of useful information
  • Uses a 3 Simple Step System - Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Lotion
  • Proactiv is Hugely Popular with Many Celebrity Endorsements
  • 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • Now Offering Free Shipping + 2 Free Gifts When You Order

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Specials Offers
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Our job is to find you the best acne treatment systems and any associated special offers. Here are the current offers available.

Dermaplex-MD Free Trial*

Thousands of other users have already changed their lives with the Dermaplex-MD Acne Treatment System. Isn't it time for you to make a change too? Go ahead - get the clear skin you've always wanted. It's a risk-free trial - there's no reason to wait.

Exposed Skin Care 50% Off

Exposed Skin Care isn't running a free trial right now, but they do have a 50% discount for new customers. Also, their Double Guarantee makes it pretty easy to try the product risk free. Get 50% Off at Exposed - limited time offer.

Dermology Acne Solution Free** Trial

Dermology Acne Solution is a top grade cream that helps eliminate acne quickly and according to site visitors in simpler way than other solutions. Get a free** trial of Dermology Acne Cream - limited time offer.